Basics of SEO part 1


Long time has passed from my last visit here. Reason of it is excess of duty of course. Last post ended git series, so it's time to start something new. Now it will be SEO, search engine optimization. Let's begin.

What is SEO? It's a group of operation which allows to index website on the top of search list in search tools like Google, Yahoo etc. by searching phrase.

Earlier search engine depends on keywords from meta tags, but quickly it began to be abused by developers and now it not so important. Now most important is content of site which are visible for end users, sitemap and user-friendly. Well website is really simple to navigate for human. So if fallible human can simple navigate website it is simple for infallible computer boot.

What we can do to make site like above? This question will be topic of started today series. Now I try to introduce you and show how to prepare to create website.

Firstly, field. Never ever create website, blog or something else which will be added to internet if you don't interested in this topic. It is absolutely simple to understand that geek can't lead fashion blog. It isn't interesting for its. It can know all about it, but its text will be boring and people don't want read this. Do you remember your school work out?

Secondly, concretes. If you create blog/website about fashion, don't write about science or motorization, cause your viewers don't needed it. It can't be interesting for your target group. No one want search something between dozen unlinked posts. It find it on other website.

Thirdly, unique. If you want copy content from other websites and paste it on your own (omitting that is often illegal) can't help. Search engines are very sensitive for similar contents and if find the same on your website with newest date than original it lower your position. I can heard that in the Internet is everything. Maybe, but you can write about something new. Write in new way. It is not essay from high-school.

This paragraph you can skip if you are a celebrity or if you want to describe every your breakfast and dinner with frequency of CPU clock. Now something about useful.

Most people search information about something concrete. It don't want know what James eat or why be late on train (maybe want, social media base about it ;). James will be search advice. It is reason for change one, specialist topic of website. If you so much want describe dinner let it be a dinner of Paris Hilton.

Competence is next, very important element. If you haven't competence in your field bad reputation will spread very quickly and good position in search will be only dream. Just few expert who visited your website can destroy your position.

I know that no everyone can be language specialist but today we have many tools for check our text. Don't add for your website orthographic or typo mistakes. Reading your text should be easy and fun. Read your text twice before you add it.

If you describe concrete topic, don't make new book (of course if you don't write a book :). Content should be concise. People haven't time to read some your agonizing. Find information in other sources.

Your content should be understanding for laymen and professionals too. It isn't simple, but worth the effort and possible. If you write at topic and don't change your small post with dictionary it should be sufficient.

On the project stage you should think about sociality of your website. Sociality is a group of user who use your site regularly and share experience and feeling. Excellent way to do this is commentary system, forum or anchors to your profile in social media.

Use only newest technology and standards. Search engine read your code so you can't forget about code quality. Is important as front. It should be clean.

Front is most important for users. If website for ten or more years don't change the look it becomes unattractive. It is necessary to rebuild website every 2 - 4 years. Most recommend is make new look using similar layout, only more modern.

In conclusion - your website can be made by developer or yourself, have variety of themes, but remember - must be your passion. Every page creating by human with passion have more chances to get well position in search engine.