Git part 5 - summary


This is the last post about git. If you read previous you have basic knowledge about git. I suppose you know everything you need to work with it ably and fend for work in opensource or just in group project.

Of course it is a part of possibilities which are implement in git. I don't mentioned about versioning application or git plugins. If you need to find out about it check official documentation. There are answers for your all questions.

Today I tell you about two most popular hostings for git - BitBucket and GitHub. It will be very quick comparision.

Most popular of all exists repositories is GitHub. It let for free using if your projects are public. For private project you have to pay. More repositories - more pay. It is reason why GitHub is most popular for opensource project and among large IT companies.

Second git hosting (but Mercurial too) is Bibucket. A fundamental difference between them is in private repositories. In bibucket you can have unlimited public and private repositories. But you can pay for members if you have more than five. This hosting is more popular among small bussiness and freelancers.

That all for today. Next post will be about... oh, it's surprise ;) If you have any topics which you want see here tell me about it. In contact section you find contact form. I try to write about it in next posts.

I hope this posts make git closer for you and you will be used it. Worth to use it, even in individual projects, cause it make your work more clean and it is excellent backup every step of your project.